Hosted VoIP Solution

Upgrade/Replace Your Old Business Phone System

Advanced Hosted Solutions, 4 to 4,000 Users, Multiple Locations

State of the Art Equipment, All Major Brands

Installed and Supported Anywhere in the USA and Most of Canada

6 Users For $750 And Up Depending On The Phones You Choose

ZERO RATE Financing! If Qualified

  • All the features & function of an advanced wired phone system, WITHOUT THE COSTS!
  • DRASTICALLY Reduce your monthly phone bill!
  • Depending on your usage, monthly plans at $16.00 to $35.00 per user.
  • This system supports Multiple Locations, Including Mobile & Remote Users.
  • If you lose your internet connection, calls are automatically routed to:
    Mobile Devices, Any Phone Number or Location You Choose, AND Our
    Call Center which will send you a text and e-mail on those calls that were re-routed.
  • One Time Set-Up Charge of $250
    Supports 1 to 4,000 users, including multiple locations!
  • Quality Installation & Quick Reference Guide!
  • IP Phones are available from $70.00 and up, depending on features.
    Softphones, cordless sets, cordless headsets, conference calling & paging also available! We utilize “State Of The Art Equipment”, All Major Brands!
  • Call to arrange a call or appointment to upgrade your communications system for much less than you could imagine! Pre-Sale Custom Design!
  • Having Problems With Your Current Phone System? Don’t Waste Your Money On Obsolete Technology!

Our full feature, Enterprise Class solution

has the features you need from your communications service, outbound calling, extension dialing & forwarding, auto-attendant, call transfer, E911, direct inbound dial (DID) support, call recording, voicemail to e-mail, ring groups, international dialing, all utilizing a high speed internet connection.


No costly premise based equipment, but all of the features without the investment. There is also an overall savings in your monthly telephone bill with our HD Quality service. We provide sophisticated state of the art telephony equipment, in our data centers, providing a redundant service, delivering a great value for your business telephone service needs. All backed with our award winning customer care center, operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make and take calls from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and soft phones.
Our Mobility features support you while you are on the go!

Another difference between us and our competition, is that we provide you with installation and cabling services anywhere from coast to coast. At your own option, your IT Department also is an option to provide your installation services. We will provide them with the technical assistance to makes yours a smooth transition, from your current system to your new Hosted communications solution.

Significantly reduce your upfront IT infrastructure and long term maintenance costs with one point of contact for your equipment and service needs. Shared cloud resources mean access to advanced features and functionality across your network without you absorbing the full upfront costs.

Your system data is backed up, secure, and accessible through our third party cloud portal, even in the event of a disaster. You pay for your seats, as needed, making it seamless to add or eliminate users and facility’s as required.

Increase your efficiency and collaboration for all of your business, Headquarters, remote staff, and distributed locations. You can provide your own administration, adding new users, while system upgrades and network maintenance is our responsibility.

Redundant data centers with diversely routed redundant wavelength connectivity facilitate system management and create full cloud redundancy. We ensure data integrity and security with logical segmentation of customers and data storage in highly secure data centers.
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