Attention all Pittsburgh business phone users of old, outdated and obsolete Avaya and Nortel phone systems. Upgrade to the latest state of the art technology with a “Hosted VoIP” phone system from Pittsburgh Telecom Services.

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replace avaya nortel phone system.

Special replacement program just released for Avaya and Nortel phone system upgrades for Pittsburgh and all surrounding cities. Upgrade your non-supported Avaya or Nortel PBX with a new state of the art “Hosted VoIP” telephone package from Pittsburgh Telecom Services.

Pittsburgh, PA

Hosted VoIP Solution

Upgrade/Replace Your Old Business Phone System

Advanced Hosted Solutions, 4 to 4,000 Users, Multiple Locations

State of the Art Equipment, All Major Brands

Installed and Supported Anywhere in the USA and Most of Canada

No Software License Fees

6 Users For $750 And Up Depending On The Phones You Choose

ZERO RATE Financing! If Qualified